Who is Marketing Buddah?

When they say opposites attract they were talking about Jason Moreau and Matt Oliver the CKO and CEO respectively of Marketing Buddah!

matt-shadesMatt Oliver
CEO (Chief Enlightenment Officer)

Matt brings experience, knowledge, and energy (mostly caffeine fueled) to his role at Marketing Buddah. Matt’s approach to internet marketing can best be described as “no nonsense”. He favors practical, straightforward solutions that deliver real and measurable results. A true SEO expert, Matt was optimizing websites before most people knew what the heck Google was.

When he’s not elbow deep in website code and ranking reports, Matt enjoys the outdoors. Especially hunting in the mountains or fishing and camping by the lake with his wife and son.

jason-shadesJason Moreau
CKO (Chief Karma Officer)

As a young man, Jason was torn between choosing to be a scientist OR an artist when he grew up. Fortunately, a marvelous thing called the internet was invented and now he gets to be both – everyday. He loves thinking creatively and acting strategically when it comes to his role as an internet marketing consultant.

An information junkie, Jason is constantly reading, applying new techniques, and testing products to improve his recommendations to clients and prospects alike.
When he’s not staring at keyword research or conversion data, Jason enjoys going on adventures with his wife and three kids.