Wordpress Website Maintenance

WordPress is awesome!  As long as it is maintained and updated with the latest security plugins as well as backups.  Not only is it important to make sure you keep your core WordPress files updated but you also need to be thinking about plugins, frameworks, and other elements within your website that require updating on a recurring basis.  The last thing you want as a business owner is to have issues with any of the following:

  • Security Issues and hole
  • Cross-compatibility breaks
  • Outdated WordPress core references
  • Website downtime

Our WordPress website maintenance retainer will ensure that none of the above issues arise. If in the small chance an error occurs on your site, we will address it right away so there isn’t a delay in your visitor’s experience. It is our top priority to keep your website secure and functioning properly.


The WordPress CMS is known to be one of the most secure options available which is why we recommend it over any other CMS.  However, added security never hurt anyone and we believe in using the most up to date security plugin to make sure our client’s websites are not vulnerable to attack.


As a safety precaution, site owners should always backup their website on a frequent basis. Backups ensure that you have the latest version of your site stored somewhere other than on the current web hosting server.  In case of a natural disaster you will always have a copy of your site.  We will setup monthly backups of your site and provide support if the need arises to restore the site.  Weekly backups can also be setup upon request.


Again WordPress is Awesome! BUT since it is one of the most popular open-source CMS platforms available there are a lot of developers working to make sure it continues to move ahead in an ever changing technology environment.  Due to this WordPress has to be updated on a semi-frequent basis. This ensures that your website is performing in it’s optimal condition. We update both core files and plugins frequently to make sure that your website continues to perform well.