Paid search advertisements are targeted ads fueled by keyword search phrases. Operating under a pay-per-click model, a client is only charged if a potential customer clicks on the ad. A pretty straightforward approach to internet advertising, PPC offers the tightest control across campaign management, and the analytics that can be pulled are almost never-ending.

Paid search allows companies to learn what makes their customer’s click, literally. It becomes easy to spot hot keywords versus complete duds and provides a marketplace for continual testing and optimization. Testing is but one of the best perks that paid search offers – if you’re not sure which offer to combine, or what it will take to motivate your customer to make a purchase, paid search analytics will paint the picture. Paid search also offers extreme budget control; monthly budgets and research into keyword costs within your market let you decide a comfortable price to pay for each click.

A paid search campaign is only as successful as its strategy and the manager at its helm. Inexperienced PPC managers and lack of clear direction will make for certain advertising failure and total budget depletion. Marketing Buddah offers peace of mind for companies venturing out in paid search campaigns –we provide you continual monthly reports regarding strategy development and performance, we reiterate your goals for consistency, and then share raw data straight from your campaign.

Paid search campaigns with Marketing Buddah mean experience coupled with professional integrity. We believe that’s the true path to marketing your business success.