Virignia Women’s Center

Virginia Women’s Center is central Virginia’s leading women’s health care provider.  Luckily our strategic partner Madison+Main is their agency of record so we were brought in to work on the blog as well as provide SEO services.

Virginia Women’s Center wanted:

  • Blog built in WordPress acting as extension to the current site
  • Organic rankings
  • Organization of Google Local listings
  • Setup goals and custom dashboard in Google Analytics

Marketing Buddah Path:

  • Built custom blog theme using current design from Madison+Main
  • Added blog as extension to the rest of the site that functions independently with easy to use Worpdress CMS but is credited to the main domain for content by the search engines. Virginia Womens Center Blog
  • Setup goals and virtual pageviews in Google Analytics to track actions taken between the main Virginia Womens Center site and portal site that patients use https://portal.vwcenter.com/portal/default.aspx as well as the blog site www.virginiawomenscenter.com/blog/
  • Organized Google Local listings and completed the verification process attaching every listing to one central login that client has access to.
  • Optimized and continue to optimize for core keywords in several geographies.

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January 28, 2014